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What are the characteristics of slub yarn

May 10, 2023

Slub yarn is a type of fabric woven from fancy yarn, attached to a regular spinning machine with a device to change the speed or stop of the front roller, thereby changing the normal draft ratio and causing sudden appearance of coarse knots on the normal yarn, that is, a yarn with both coarse knots and details. The bamboo knots on the slub yarn can be regular or irregular. The surface of the circular knitting machine woven with it has the effect of raindrops and cloud points, with a rough, simple, and natural style, which is deeply loved by consumers.

The characteristic of slub yarn is uneven distribution of thickness, which is a diverse type of fancy yarn, including coarse and fine slub yarn, knot shaped slub yarn, short fiber slub yarn, long fiber slub yarn, etc. Due to the special structure of slub yarn, the fabric style is closely related to the four parameters mentioned above, and its various combinations determine its unique style on the fabric. Bamboo yarn can be used for light and thin summer fabrics and heavy winter fabrics, as well as for clothing and decorative fabrics, with prominent patterns, unique styles, and strong three-dimensional sense. The parameters of slub yarn include basic density, slub thickness, slub length, and slub spacing. Due to the special structure of bamboo knots, the fabric style is closely related to the above parameters, and its various combinations determine its unique style on the fabric surface. Different styles of raw materials are different, such as the bamboo slub yarn made of ordinary cotton and polyester, which has obvious bamboo slubs; Fine bamboo knots are formed from irregular fibers such as cationic polyester, strong light polyester, and viscose, and then processed into threads with ordinary yarns to produce high-quality fabrics.

Bamboo yarn conforms to the current trend and is widely used in the production of various fabrics, becoming popular. Bamboo yarn has a wide range of applications and a wide variety. Generally speaking, according to the spinning form of slub sand, there are ring spinning slub and air flow spinning slub; Divided by bamboo node length: long bamboo, medium bamboo, short bamboo; Divided by bamboo node multiples: coarse bamboo, medium bamboo, fine bamboo, etc.

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